Working together with the orphanage of Upendo and the Little Acorns School, we seek to provide children with a secondary education so that they can then further their education at university. Our goal is for graduates to receive job offers from local GL Africa partners in the agricultural, health and IT sectors. Sponsorship takes the form of continuous financial support to develop an individual’s future.


Our Partners in Tanzania


The orphanage cares for up to 60 children up to the age of 8 years old. Its staff includes volunteers from Austria and Germany. We chose Upendo because of its great organization, long-term experience and dedication to working with children.


This school is an outstanding elementary school providing an extended curriculum in English. Some subjects are imparted by teachers from Europe. At the moment, one of the biggest educational issues in Tanzania is the low percentage of adequately trained teachers available, causing problems with the overall quality of the education imparted. Consequently, we have selected a school capable of diligently educating the children under our sponsorship according to European standards



We are looking for sponsors for children from the Upendo orphanage. These children will attend Little Acorns Elementary School as a direct result of sponsorship donations. Having finished the elementary school, the sponsored children will go on to study at secondary school. The amount of sponsorship, however, remains the same as the one during the child’s attendance of elementary school. The annual sponsorship amount is 25.000 CZK or its equivalent in USD/EUR. This amount covers the full cost of attending school, including annual school fees, uniforms, snacks, lunches, textbooks, exercise books, leisure activities and daily transport from the orphanage to school and back. It is important to add that sponsored children remain in the care of the orphanage until they become self-reliant after high school or university.